Why a superior CMS is about far more than just content

The new world of digital marketing evolves incredibly quickly. Even just a few years ago, the features that businesses were looking for in their content marketing system (CMS) are quite different to the features that many marketers now regard as essential.

Today, choosing a content management system isn’t simply about choosing a robust platform that will allow you to quickly and accurately publish content online (although that is, of course, a pre-requisite).

It’s about choosing a solution that will enable you to build your customer relationships, scale over time, and tap into real-time data and analytics to determine which content you should be publishing in the first place. To keep pace with the competition, you also need a solution that will enable you to store your content assets in smart new ways, and rapidly disseminate content across multiple channels, in multiple languages, with ease.

Previously, many of these capabilities have existed for large enterprise CMS customers – through powerful solutions such as Adobe Experience Manager. Now, through solutions such as Site Express by Biztech (essentially, a pre-configured turnkey edition of Adobe Experience Manager) they’re readily available to mid-market customers too. Given this, here are four key ‘beyond content’ features that the modern mid-size marketer should be looking for in a CMS:

1. Rapid, cross-channel, multi-lingual publishing

Publishing content via your CMS – and keeping it current – can take considerable time and effort; particularly if the process of actually updating the content is laborious in itself.

In the past, even the simplest of website updates often required help from a technical resource – especially when it came to publishing any sort of interactive or complex content, such as a video or poll. Today, however, this has changed.

“The days when organisations were able to get away with having several different websites – for mobile and desktop and even for specific regions – have gone. Now, it’s all about managing everything centrally and efficiently and taking a business-wide approach to content management, regardless of the size or scale of your operation,” says Michael Patishman, Biztech’s CEO.

Powered by Adobe Experience Manager, Site Express demystifies and simplifies content authoring – placing it in the domain of marketing teams who can publish content quickly and easily, without requiring technical assistance.

Site Express enables you to use the content management tools within Adobe Experience Manager to publish engaging content quickly and easily, without requiring extensive technical assistance. Individual pieces of content can be stored within the Adobe Experience Manager content library, and given relevant content tags. This means marketers can then simply re-use content as appropriate; keeping a consistent image and tone across channels and campaigns.

2. End-to-end marketing

Today, a quality content management system does far more than just publish content – it also functions as a fully integrated, insight-led, end-to-end marketing tool for marketing teams of all sizes.

Site Express, for instance, gives marketers access to a full set of integrated digital marketing tools in Adobe Experience Manager, and provides everything you need to organise, access and personalise your marketing content. You can identify your best content with easy-to-execute tests, get deep insights into your customers, and deliver a continuous experience on every device to build engagement and loyalty.

3. Integrated data and analytics

Incorporating a real-time understanding of your customers’ needs and behaviour when they engage with your brand is becoming imperative. When you understand how your customers interact with your sites and campaigns, you can fine-tune the experiences — or change course when something isn’t working.

In order to be this nimble, you need one integrated solution that provides the insights you can use to improve customer experiences and brand loyalty.

With a solution such as Site Express, you can integrate real-time data to determine exactly what your customers want – and how best to provide them with the information to meet their needs. By incorporating Adobe Analytics, for instance, you can see which content is resonating and creating compelling experiences, and tailor your marketing activity accordingly.

4. Social engagement

Customers today have an endless appetite for engaging and authentic content. Yet providing a lot of this content isn’t easy, and takes time and effort. In a mid-market business, in particular, it may also be difficult to allocate the time and resources. For this reason, it’s important to have a solution that lets you repurpose authentic user-generated content that’s already being shared through social channels. This saves you time and helps ensure you have the relevant material that builds community and loyalty.

If you choose, you can add Lifefyre to your Site Express solution. This product gives you instant access to billions of pieces of content created by influencers and your fans. You can then tap into relevant and authentic content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about Site Express via Adobe Experience Manager and how it can help your mid-market business take a broader view of your marketing activity, give the team at Biztech a call on 1800 290 816, or visit siteexpress.global.