The increasing importance of data-driven marketing

Today, there is perhaps no more essential resource for marketers than customer data. By knowing which data to gather, and how to analyse it in order to generate valuable results, businesses can get to know their customers in greater detail and respond to their needs in real-time.

Simon Bowker, Adobe Regional Director ANZ – Experience Cloud, says data-led marketing should be a key priority for all businesses.

“Let’s say a business is already producing sophisticated forms of content. They’ve integrated their agencies and stakeholders, and they’re collating assets, tagging them using machine learning, and effectively collaborating on content. The next level is then to leverage available customer data - whether it’s coming from Adobe Experience Cloud or somewhere else – to create personalised experiences to the individual. So rather than just marketing to segments you can market to individuals, in real-time,” he says.

As with any relationship, the key to strengthening a customer relationship lies in understanding their needs and continuing to respond over time. Doing so, of course, requires continual data analysis.

According to Michael Patishman, Biztech’s CEO, this starts with understanding the channel through which the customer would prefer to interact.  

“Today’s consumer wants to choose the channel through which they interact with you – and how. The challenge is to meet this demand, and do so quickly, as consumers simply won’t tolerate not being able to do what they want via the channel of their choice,” he says.

Selecting the right channel is, however, just part of the picture. As Patishman says, “we also have to create delightful experiences that drive greater brand loyalty. If you give customers a relevant, personalised experience, you will get better results.”

Patishman points out that when implementing Adobe Experience Manager, one of their clients wished to evaluate the effectiveness of personalisation. Even just personalising an initial 10% of their website led to a very rapid double-digit improvement in click-throughs.

How CBUS underpins their marketing with data

CBUS is Australia’s largest super fund for the building, construction and allied industries.  They provide superannuation and income stream accounts to more than 755,000 members and manage over $43B of their members’ money. 

Around two years ago, CBUS embarked on a journey to select and implement a new content management solution – eventually engaging Biztech to implement Adobe Experience Manager. 

One of the previous issues the business faced was their lack of a quality mobile experience. They simply weren’t catering for the fact that a significant number of their users access their website via their mobile rather than a desktop. 

“The fact we didn’t have a great mobile experience was holding us back,” says Peter Little, CBUS’s General Manager of Member Experience Customer & Communications. Now, this has changed significantly. 

Since implementing Adobe Experience Manager – and creating a robust and highly professional mobile site – the business has reduced its online drop-off rate by almost 50%. 

“A big benefit is that we’re starting to realise the potential of online as a legitimate channel – both from a member and customer servicing point of view, but also as an acquisition channel. This has been really big for us because like many financial services businesses, a critical part of our success is our distribution strategy. Having a really healthy online channel is really good for our business,” says Little.  

Another key area of focus for CBUS has been on using data to gain a far greater understanding of customers’ needs, and respond accordingly. 

“We are 100% committed to using the data and analytics aspect of the solution. It’s given us a really strong sense of how our users come in, and what they do and how they do it. We are able to accurately document user journeys, drop-out points and also measure campaigns and acquisition funnels, as well as join rates. As such, we’re able to be much more granular in how we understand our customers – and how we’re able to market to them,” Little says.  

Want to learn more?

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