The Biztech Coffee Experience

Biztech have been involved with Adobe Symposium since it's inception in 2012.  It's the flagship event for the Adobe Marketing Cloud in this region.  We have seen it grow from 800 attendees to over 4000 in 2018.

Biztech sponsored the Coffee stand for the third consecutive year which provides attendees with complimentary Barista made coffees.  Rather than just have people queue up as an "Analog" experience, this year we decided to do something extra by expanding into a Digital experience.

This year we wanted to be able to:

  • Allow a simple ordering process, which remembered who you are
  • Provide reminder messaging – personalised to your preference
  • Link in with digital signage to provide real time upgrades

We wanted to deliver this as a showcase of Adobe Marketing Technology.  

We decided to capture order requests via an Adobe Campaign hosted forms.  The form would need to capture user contact data as well as coffee preference.  

Before the conference, we had no visibility of how the Baristas would work, and whether we could give them electronic access to a screen of orders.  We also had risks of network connectivity, Battery and power access, so we went for a simple notification system. 

We ran some predictive models around volumes.  Based on previous years, we knew when the demand peaks would come.   Given the system is free, there was nothing encouraging people to collect their orders, so there was a risk that we would make coffees that would go to waste.  We even had “force majeure” scenarios such as a server failure or DDoS attack.

Much of the development was run by our Adobe Campaign team during our regular internal Biztech training day.  Many details were still a moving target – what coffees types the event offered, whether we would ask things like coffee strength or sugar, whether we would verify emails before accepting orders were all debated.  

When the event came around – it was time to put things into action.  As soon as queues started to build, people realised that an online order might be preferable than waiting.  Initially we made every coffee that was ordered, and this lead to about a 10% waste across the online channel.  By 10:30 am, we had made almost as many coffees as the entire event in 2017, with about 29% ordering online. 

We managed to learn and adapt in a quick and effective manner.  In order to reduce waste, we agreed with the Baristas to only make coffees once the people attended the stand.  We also sent out our first re-targeting email, which users could order without needing to re-enter contact details.  We staggered the send so as not to be inundated by repeat orders – although we were still receiving about 5 orders every minute during the break.

We ran stats on our targeting and found that we achieved about a 40% click through rate on re-targeting.  That’s a pretty impressive uplift when targeting repeat business!

Due to customer feedback about re-entering contact details, we sent a global “Save this link” before the start of day 2 so that anybody re-ordering from day one knew to bypass the app.  We also ran statistics to get trivia around which industry (Banking) and roles (Consultant) were most prevalent that we could add to digital signage (being run by AEM Screens).  We served 18 people with the role of “CEO”!

When 4pm came around, we had served close to 2.5 times the number of coffees from the previous year, of which over 50% came from the online channel alone.  Of the online orders, around 45% were repeat users of the app – which meant that we achieved a great adoption rate across the 2 days.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable, and informative exercise.  We learnt so much about the process and we are already thinking of ways to further enhance for next year.  

This video shows the Biztech team explaining the solution

Biztech Coffee Experience - Adobe Symposium 2018 from BizTech on Vimeo.


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