Adobe Experience Manager at ANZ Bank

An interview with Chris Venter, General Manager of Consumer Digital at ANZ Bank on their decision to implement Adobe Experience Manager.

ANZ Chris Venter Interview from BizTech on Vimeo.

My name’s Chris Venter.  I’m the General Manager of Consumer Digital at ANZ Bank.  So I look after the Technology that effectively faces our customers from a Digital Perspective, so our Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and our Content platforms for 38 countries globally.

I think it was late 2015 when ANZ looked its whole strategy for web and content management platform.  We had a legacy aging content management platform and really needed to keep pace with the changing market conditions.  So we started to look at what the alternatives out there were and it became very clear that the Adobe AEM Platform was market leading and what many of digital agencies that ANZ worked with were expecting to deal with I terms of advertising revenue and being able to do Test and Target and Ad buying campaigns.

We took a phased rollout approach deliberately, and what we chose to do was target a low risk part first.  This was the first time we were moving to a new content platform, but it was also the first time we were launching that on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.  So that phase approach allowed us to learn a lot, understand the platform, and sort out all the little kinks that are inevitable in a project like this before we moved onto the next step.

We’ve had measurable results across a number of dimensions.  Firstly, we’ve the largest verifiable digital platform growth in the market, out there across banking and other industries as well.  The platform and its customization ability to tailor personalized experiences has done that.  There’s been some other results in terms of delivering content time to market.  We used to have SLAs sometimes in the order of two to three weeks to take content from an idea to production and we’ve now bought that down to literally days, sometimes even hours where we can take a content idea and have it in Production and A/B test and decide whether that’s something useful.

Adobe have always been a very big partner with ANZ and have been for a long time.  We’re a user of their integrated product suite from an AEM point of view, Analytics, Test and Target.  We also use all of their tooling, things like Photoshop, PDF reader, Acrobat, the whole Adobe Suite, and as that becomes a more integrated suite it just becomes better and better for us.  We will continue to leverage that partnership and as Adobe are coming up with new creative ways to allow us to get a better customer experience delivered through their products we’re going to continue to evolve with them and leverage that as much as possible. 

One of the lessons we’ve learnt going through this experience starting back in late 2015 with an idea to the place we are now is the benefit of partnering with experienced partners.  Certainly by partnering with Adobe directly having them have some skin in the game has been helpful.  But also their delivery partners, people like BizTech who have that experience implementing this in other organisations, and not just the financial service industry but other industries as well.  Bringing that experience to bear with ANZ and truly partnering with us along the journey to take an idea to what we have today has been really helpful and shortcut the learning experience that we would have had to go through a lot of failure ourselves had we not had it.  So, my suggestion for anyone who is doing this is to find a partner who has done this before, knows what they are doing, knows where all the “hidden gotchas” are, can save you a lot of time and money and give you a much better outcome.

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